Modern Technology Of Seamless Steel Tube Production

steel bar China -roll rolling tube billet have to first, after the extrusion sizing test, if there is no feedback after fracture on the surface of pipe need to be reduced after cutting equipment, reducing grow concerning a meter of billet.And then go into the annealing process, annealing with acid pickling fluid, pickling when ought to take note of whether there is a lot of bubble surface area, if there is a lot of bubbles show that the quality of the steel tube can not satisfy the corresponding standards.Appearance on cold rolled seamless steel tube is much shorter in warm rolled seamless steel pipe, chilly rolled seamless steel tube wall surface density typically smaller sized than hot rolled smooth steel tube, but the surface area looks brighter than the thick ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe, not a lot of harsh surface area, the size is not a lot of burr.

The distribution problem of hot rolled smooth steel tube is typically made after warm treatment.Hot-rolled seamless steel tube after QC ought to pass personnel strict hands-on choice, after the top quality assessment for surface finish of oil, and then adhered to by chilly drawing experiment lot of times, perforation of the experiments carried out after warm rolling handling, if the punched opening size is as well huge for correcting the alignment of straightening.After straightening, the transmission gadget is transferred to the detector to execute the test, and afterwards the label and the specification are put into the warehouse.

Circular tube billet and home heating to punch, three-roll alter rolling, rolling, or pressing - pipe - sizing (or decreasing) - cooling - aligning to hydrostatic test or evaluation - > tag, warehousing smooth steel tube is made from solid tube ingot or the opening vein, after that through hot rolling and chilly rolling or cool dial.The spec of seamless steel tube is shown by the external diameter of the wall surface thickness millimeter.

Typically above 32 mm hot rolled seamless steel tube diameter, wall density 2.5 200 mm, to 6 mm cold rolled seamless steel tube size, wall density to 0.25 mm, to 5 mm thin wall pipeline diameter density less than 0.25 mm, cool than hot rolled high dimensional accuracy.

It is generally made from the top quality carbon steel, such as 10, 20, 30, 35, 45, etc., such as reduced alloy steel, such as 16Mn, 5MnV, and so on, etc., which are constructed from hot rolled or chilly rolled steel, such as 40Cr, 30CrMnSi, 45Mn2, 40MnB, etc.The smooth pipe made by low carbon steel, such as 10 and also 20, is mostly made use of for flow pipe.The seamless work of medium carbon steel such as 45 as well as 40Cr is utilized to make mechanical parts, such as vehicle and also tractor parts.Generally use smooth steel tube to guarantee toughness as well as squashing test.Hot rolled steel pipeline in warm rolled state or warmth treatment.Cold rolled with warmth therapy.

Warm rolled, as the name implies, the temperature level of the rolling item is high, so the contortion resistance is tiny, can accomplish the big contortion quantity.Take the moving system of steel plate as an instance, the thickness of the continuous casting billet has to do with 230mm, and the thickness is 1 ~ 20mm after roughing and also rolling.At the very same time, due to the fact that the thickness of steel plate is smaller sized than small, the dimension precision demand is reasonably reduced, home plate kind problem is not easy to appear, the control convexity is offered top priority.

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